Continuous education is the key for success.

The HoReCa industry's secrets can be heard theoretically, but they are learned practically. That is why Hospitality Culture regularly organizes workshops on topics such as: digital, delivery, business management, finance, advertising etc.


Romanian Hospitality Conference

A congress that gathers together HoReCa business leaders, HoReCa communication professionals and local / global authorities.

A debate platform that raises specific business and communication problems in a constructive way - delivering new ideas and innovative solutions.

A legitimate VOICE committed to inspiring healthy growth in Romanian HoReCa sector and to being both a long term partner and an innovative consultant for HoReCa professionals.

Romanian Hospitality industry needs to collaborate, communicate, co-act, re-act together in order to solve the sector’s problems, EVOLVE and GENERATE PROFITABILITY.


Romanian Hospitality Awards

The Hospitality industry needs positive examples. Models to be taken forward by industry professionals. Therefore, within the Romanian Hospitality Awards, the most renowned industry professionals will vote and award the best people and the best businesses in the industry.



Pe-plus.ro, a media platform with information provided exclusively in video format.

Hospitality Culture launched the first media hospitality project with information provided exclusively in video format. Every day, every year, every entrepreneur, every corner of town or cup of coffee brings new or reinterpreted views that soon become highly sought after. In hospitality, the trends come and go with the same speed as downloading a smartphone app and you can not keep up with everything that's happening. Every day, pe-plus.ro will bring relevant news, interviews with visionary entrepreneurs, avant-garde trends, or fresh opinions from horeca. All come in video, interactive, simplified and easy to watch.



Hospitality Culture implemented the largest food service research in Romania.

We have analyzed both the sitting and delivery markets. The data were collected through quantitative and qualitative research techniques from the major urban centers: Bucharest, Cluj, Timişoara, Braşov, Iaşi.


Advertising by SMITE

SMITE is an advertising agency where people share knowledge, fun and coffee cups in order to deliver valuable brand ideas .

Inspiring people to buy, this is the happy end of our stories. And they all begin with strong, consistent Brand ID, original yet functional Design, efficient Product/Brand Campaign and 24/7 maintenance of market success.


HoReCa Innovation Hub is designed to develop HoReCa sector in Romania through mergers&acquisitions.
We attract financial investors to a double digits growth sector.

Sell Side: We help you prepare your business for an exit that meets your goals. From business analysis to identifying the right investors for your needs we assist you with discretion and integrity.

Buy Side: Our expertise in the Hospitality sector can support your growth by:
Defining or implementing your acquisition strategy and the target criteria. Identifying hidden attractive and high-growth companies synergistic to your core business.
Performing savvy research & analysis, modelling the deal and assisting in Due-Diligence efforts.

Start-ups: we invest in who inspire us. Send us your non-confidential materials to florin@hospitalityculture.ro and we will find a way to support your idea.

For Investors: Our firm is located in Romania, world wide known for his hospitality. Hospitality Culture Institute can help you to locate the hidden opportunities that meets your investment path and interest.

In order to become your extension force in Romania, please send us a non-exclusive mandate as well as your requirements for your target company for an Acquisition, Strategic partnership or Investment to: florin@hospitalityculture.ro