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The food industry in Romania is growing rapidly. New concepts and locations are emerging, and also new investors with equally new mentalities. Statistical data tells us, however, that 6 out of 10 restaurants, bars or cafes fail in the first 9 months of operation. Locations come to host other concepts, starting from other mentalities.

The lack of research in the field regarding the client and the market itself leads, erroneously, for it to develop in accordance with the desire of the entrepreneurs and not in accordance with the real needs and expectations of the customers.






Of the total market, about 46% is represented by the segment of standard restaurants, with tables (sitting).

Of the total population over the age of 18, 87% from Bucharest (81% from other regions) ate out or ordered food at home at least once in the last 6 months.

Romanian food specialties predominates as an option for most consumers. But in choosing a place, its location matters more than its specificity.

50% of all acquisitions made are less than 30 lei.




65% of delivery customers place their order in the evening and 39% order at lunch time.

Transactions are one of the major differences between placing an online order and placing an offline order. Integrating the transaction style offline can be beneficial to vendors.

The degree of restlessness increases with the passage of time. Delivery time is the main promise made by the seller.

Cumulated over the entire analyzed area (Bucharest + other regions), the value of the delivery market is 1.4 billion lei.



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